Monday, August 3, 2009

What I've been up to -

It's been awhile since I last posted here, and for good reason. Going back to the summer of 2007 I've been developing an idea I've had about helping home buyers and sellers make more informed decisions when selecting a local real estate agent. Last month it came to fruition - Here's the text of our launch announcement:


Consumer-centric Helps Prospective Chicagoland Home Buyers and Sellers Make More Informed Decisions When Selecting a Real Estate Agent

Chicago, IL – July 7, 2009 – Consumer-centric website, launching today in Chicagoland, helps prospective home buyers and sellers make more informed decisions when selecting a real estate agent. The site lets consumers efficiently discover, evaluate and compare – on an apples to apples basis – competing local agents on the criteria most important to them, such as an agent’s track record (success stories, relevant statistics, etc.), price (commissions, rebates, etc.), specialties (first time buyers, short sales, REOs, etc.), local market knowledge, and over a dozen others. Prospective home buyers and sellers can use to see how a referral stacks up against competing agents, and find other local agents that may offer better value, greater expertise, etc.

“I’m not a Realtor®, but I think it’s fair to say that none of the current “Find an Agent” websites appear to have been created with the consumer firmly in mind,” explained Chicago lawyer Michael Erdman, founder of “The space has unfortunately become stagnant, to the detriment of both consumers and agents. will deliver some much needed innovation to the process of selecting a local real estate agent,” Erdman added. is unlike existing “Find an Agent” websites. It does not restrict the number or types of agents that can join the site or appear in relevant search results, or attempt to match consumers with agents. “Featured” placements and broker advertisements are not displayed in search results. Consumers simply run a search, review the results, and choose whether to make direct contact with an agent. They are not asked to pay a fee, register, provide personal information, navigate through multiple pages, or wait for an email in order to search the site or obtain results.

“Who you choose as your real estate agent can obviously make a big difference to your bottom line, end result, and overall experience when buying or selling real estate. helps prospective home buyers and sellers understand their choices and ask important questions when selecting an agent, something that is especially important in the current housing market,” stated Erdman.

For Chicagoland real estate agents, offers an opportunity to stand out from competing agents, and attract prospective home buyers and sellers that are looking for a local agent, by distinguishing themselves across a variety of categories that are important to consumers, and on a level playing field.

For additional information contact:

Michael Erdman
President & Founder

or visit

Features, pricing, availability and specifications set forth herein are subject to change without notice.

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  1. My comment is I live in Sacramento, California (northern California). I have had 2 of the most difficult home buying experiences, that have both left me with total loss (this time in excess of $100,000 cash). The problem is the organized efforts on the part of those National Association agents T.hey are criminal. They are your average everyday people whom you would never suspect as a organized crimer. We think they are all Italian and their last names are Capone. My most recent experience leaves me with a delapidated, targeted, corroded, Hud owned, bank owned (Wells Fargo) home that had a 10% interest rate and even after Obama's 'BAILOUT' the bank refused to refinance me or modify my loan (they refused to speak with me, period). I'm foreclosing because I cannot afford the repairs on this over appraised, flipped by the bank home. I've been rooked again.

    Please throw me your helpful suggestions (especially if its litigation!) I need to hear from someone who is 'straight.'