Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New federal website addresses competition in the real estate brokerage industry

Earlier today Inman News' InmanBlog posted on a new website created by the U.S. Department of Justice's Antitrust Division that is intended to shine some light on anticompetitive real estate brokerage practices. A DOJ press release accompanied the site's launch.

I see the new website includes a link for anticompetitive MLS practices, information on discriminatory state laws, and an email address for reporting questionable conduct. As you may recall, the joint FTC/DOJ report on industry competition issued last spring recommended, among other things, that DOJ "promote consumer understanding of marketplace options. . . . Competition in the real estate brokerage industry would likely be enhanced if consumers had better access to such information." Good to see the DOJ following through on this point.

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  1. Here is a copy of a letter that is circulating around the web and to the Department Of Justice, MfRMLS and Orra

    "The National Association of Racketeering" NAOR

    When a member Realtor does not pay the annual board of Realtors dues by a certain date, in turn the Mid-Florida Regional MLS privileges are shut down , even all well knowing that the MLS/ Supra fees are paid up until March 2008 ? Correct..

    Do you not feel that by these actions that the general public and the listings that have been effected By these actions now creates a hardship to the home sellers listings on your Mid-Florida Regional MLS system and the Realtor/Client fiduciary to there client has been affected in a monetary manner.

    This action also has a large effect to home sellers and potential home buyers through out you entire MLS coverage areas, from what I have been reading in the news that about 10% of the greater Orlando Realtors have not renewed there board membership, so having said that all of 10% have been shut down from using your Mid-Florida Regional MLS system.

    Another effect of this shut down of MLS to it agents, you are taking away there right to work ! As the listing agent, and to allow the listing agent access add new clients listing into your system knowing that the MLS dues are paid up..

    Do you offer a refund of the MLS members dues back to the Board of Realtor members that you have shut out of the Mid-Florida Regional MLS?

    Please tell me how any of this benefits the consumer especially in todays market and my last question is this.

    "Why is it, the Mid-Florida Regional MLS has shut our Non-Realtors from participating in the Mid-Florida Regional MLS" it would seem to me as a unfair trade practice.

    Included links