Friday, August 24, 2007

Online Liability Blog

This post is admittedly a little off topic. No antitrust/competition angle here, but there is a real estate connection. Perhaps you recall the forsalebyowner case and/or the pending zerobrokerfees and kcpremierapts cases, each implicating licensing laws and the First Amendment? Or maybe you read about the or craigslist decisions involving the Fair Housing Act and potential statutory immunity? Yes? No? Either way, I'll keep it short.

I recently created a new blog that focuses on online liability issues, i.e., the circumstances under which a website (and/or other Internet-related business) may be liable for certain online conduct. I thought I'd share a link to it here, and invite you to fire off any comments you might have. Soon I hope to have a static "Real Estate" page on the blog that highlights online liability issues relating to real estate-related websites. Stay tuned.

Certainly feel free to share the link with others who may be interested.


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